Two Faces of the Moon A Unique Insight Into Chinese Extra-Marital Affairs [電子書籍版]
Dennis K. Law, MD






Introduction In May of 2007, the news of the sudden end of my once storybook marriage to Hong Kong movie star Moon Lee was shocking in many ways. Most disturbing was the fact that a wife and mother who had been held to such high esteem and who had represented Chinese art and culture so admirably would choose a path that would ultimately make her become one of the most demonized women in the history of modern China. This is not simply a book about scolding or blame. This book’s purpose is to revisit events and facts in a way that provides insights to understand more about human nature. Both the magnitude and the uniqueness of the tragedy that Moon Lee had brought upon herself and her family have created an opportunity not to punish her but instead to learn from the experience. So much anguish and suffering have been inflicted that there must be lessons which can benefit all those involved with extra-marital affairs in one form or another. However, Moon Lee’ s unreasonable denial of the facts and her vicious blame on the innocent must make this effort of enlightenment extremely confrontational to her. Indeed, it would be impossible to reveal the truth without making Moon Lee look bad. That result is not caused by my actions but rather Moon’s willful misconduct. However, the combination of duration, incestuous quality, and involvement between employer and junior employee in Moon’s affair creates a unique opportunity to study the complexities of human thought and desire in the setting of an aberrant sexual relationship. Rather than just dispelling the story as a simple nuance of passion gone amiss, there are indeed lessons that can benefit us all. It is not that other women would be likely to enter an ill-conceived relationship like Moon’s and therefore need to read her story to avoid making a similar mistake. Even though her actions and her absurd denials reveal an unprecedented dark side of human nature, they still can provide clues to prevent us from crossing the line from good to evil. And the last reason for me to write and assemble this book is based on the need for Chinese people to be more challenged by an open debate on the taboo subjects of extra-marital affairs and illicit passion. This book’s earlier chapters are about an incredible woman’s journey from heaven to hell in her own lifetime. It is an in-depth factual account of an admired woman’s momentous fall from grace. The truthful telling of this Moon Lee’s story is not intended to further disgrace her. I believe the world of sensible people already know what the truth is. For the year of 2007, Moon’s history-making affair has won her seventh place in Hong Kong’s Sing Tao newspaper for entertainment newsworthiness and also second place for stupidity among entertainment celebrities in Southern Metropolis Weekly magazine in China. The objective public surely knows the significance of my shocking disclosure of Moon’s obscene affair. There would have been little interest if the disclosures were mere slander against a beloved celebrity wife by a husband angling for an excuse to get divorced. ?From telling the truth and analyzing these events, I hope that all the readers can gain better appreciation of how we as individuals can either willfully choose to succeed or fail as human beings. There is really the valuable lesson of how to avoid letting a misconduct based on such a common human urge turn our lives totally upside down forever. Over the first nine months after my infamous discovery of the affair in the bedroom closet, Moon Lee had often attributed her action as her total lost of control with regard to feeling affection for this undeserving adoptive son. It is highly informative that a human being’s entire life and total destiny may hinge on the loss of self-control over just one aspect of life. Even a fleeting moment’s lack of control can lead to an endless downward spiral from which there is no return.


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