Red World trilogy [電子書籍版]
V. A. Jeffrey






All three novels of the Red World trilogy!. Enter the Old Testament-style fantasy epic that takes place on the sands of Mars! 

Schisms (book 1) - The ancient capital Assenna has been in ruins for many ages and the line of kings that ruled from it are nearly forgotten. The very words, Red Kings, have become a curse but it is precisely the blood of this kingly line that will rule Hybron again and raise it up to its former glory, according to prophecy. The Ainash priesthood, a powerful and ruthless faction in Jhis falls in power after a barbarian warrior overruns the land, making himself king. Under his rule Hybron has once again been reunited under one ruler. Is he, a wild tribesman of the desert, the future Red King of prophecy? As the kingdom remains embroiled in conflict it does not seem so and his queen, a devout woman of the Aishanna-La has borne him no heirs. The queen has her own scheme that puts her at odds with everyone at court. She puts herself in the middle of a controversy that will have long-reaching effects on the fate of the kingdom and her own. 

Ilim, an Ainash priest, is thrown out of the Golden Temple. He has a prophetic dream and a dire message that most people do not want to hear, least of all the priesthood. His new spiritual path leads him back into the desert among the tribal peoples. He believes this vision will save the kingdom from ruin. Disappointingly, it leads him not to a great warrior and a holy army but to a little girl at the fortress city of Gamina. 

Cryptic Tongues (book 2) - The serpent queen reigns and has held the people of Hybron under thrall through promises of prosperity, deceptive words and fear. She has brought great prosperity to the land - for a deadly price. Some grow weary of that high price and seek a way to overthrow her through rebellion or alliances with her enemies. Yet this very price drives the queen, who has a terrible plan most do not dream of, a plan that would threaten not only the realm but the whole world and she is fast approaching the day when she will have ultimate power. But there are those of her own blood who stand in the way of her ultimate plan. These must be destroyed. 

Rapheth, a youth being groomed for greatness is unsure of his destiny and his past is shrouded in mystery to protect him. Raised in the center of Hybronian high culture, seemingly a world away from the poisonous court of the queen, there are many things and ideas that beckon to him and he spends his days living a sheltered, enjoyable existence learning from the prophet Ilim or making mischief with his friends. Suddenly, Ilim is called away to another holy mission and another man comes to instruct him and he is not the only new teacher for Rapheth. These new men come with new and possibly dangerous ideas. Rapheth learns of forbidden things and hidden underneath these things one may find the long arm of the queen, who searches to destroy all those who stand in her way. 

Rise of the Red King (book 3) - Rapheth is a prince in exile. His closest friends have fled with him out to lands unknown to them. And in these places unknown dangers await them. Especially one very well known danger birthed in Egi that has spread far and wide. The young prince must battle foes within and without and retake what is rightfully his. Rapheth must travel not only a physical journey but a spiritual one before he is ready for the mantle of kingship. A part of this vast undertaking are his supporters at home; the prophet Ilim and the desert prophetess Anet and others throughout the land who must continually prepare the way in Hybron for the return of the the Red King, all the while dodging escalated attacks from his enemies, the primary one being the Black King. 

Edge of Darkness ( Short story prequel) - A powerful king and his most trusted counselor look far into the future and find the kingdom and culture poised on a precipice. A new, dark age begins, one that they have prepared for.


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