Say Yes to Life 7 Keys to Living Full Out From Within (Tellwell Talent) [電子書籍版]
Elliott Robertson


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7 Keys to Inner Harmony

Many of us sometimes feel that life has dealt us a bad hand and we often judge ourselves hard for our failures. We often think, “If only I had the right partner, a better body, more money, or a great job...then I’d be happy.” But research tells us that while having these things can make us happier in the short term, long term happiness is actually an inside job.

Say Yes to Life shows you how to live a happier, more fulfilling life by cultivating inner harmony regardless of your life circumstances.

As a young man, author and Love and Joy Coach, Elliott Robertson resented life for being unfair. He was jealous of others who led more fulfilling, prosperous lives. But today he is free of jealousy and bitterness after discovering the seven keys that lead to inner harmony.

This book was written for you if

  • You’ve tried the traditional/usual law of attraction techniques such as vision boards and writing ideal scenes to no avail

  • You’ve been seeking happiness in a variety of ways over the years and you’ve resigned yourself to the daily grind

  • You feel like there must be something more but aren’t sure exactly what that something might be or how to find it

  • You want to replace habits that lead to misery with habits that lead to joy and well-being

Unlike popular modalities such as vision boards and visualization techniques, the keys provided in Say Yes to Life guide you to the depths of your heart. It is only from the heart that a solid foundation for love and joy can be formed. Self-love, acceptance and harmony are possible. And by applying these seven principles and practices each day you discover a light within brighter than you can imagine. Bitterness will be replaced by acceptance and you’ll begin to celebrate who you were born to be.

Say Yes to Life shows you the seven mindsets and heart-sets to living an abundant life. Each of the seven keys opens a doorway to experiencing life as a gift:

  1. Saying yes to your expansiveness

  2. Saying yes to your uniqueness

  3. Saying yes to the new

  4. Saying yes to knowing what you want

  5. Saying yes to freedom from the past

  6. Saying yes to grief

  7. Saying yes to happiness and joy

In this book you will discover

  • How to easily accept your own uniqueness

  • The power within you to choose between a path of expansiveness and growth or a path of contraction and withering

  • That happiness and fulfillment do not depend on life going the way you want it to

  • How to connect with the hidden current of joy even in the midst of chaos

Say Yes to Life introduces a new way of thinking about living life. When you say Yes to your life come what may, you become elevate and enter a bright, more spacious world, the world inhabited by the mystics.

Order your copy of Say Yes to Life today.



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