Kokomo Kid Still Has Something to Say The Sequel (Balboa Press) [電子書籍版]
Cheryl Soden Moreland


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KOKOMO KID Still Has Something to Say ~ THE SEQUEL is from the same writer who authored KOKOMO KID ~ Reflections of Growing Up in Indiana’s City of Firsts. Cheryl Soden Moreland’s second book is a continuation of growing up not only in Kokomo with her grandparents as guardians but also delves more into the childhood visits she had with her parents and siblings in Indianapolis’ historic and popular Fountain Square neighborhood. Cheryl gives glimpses into the personalities of those she grew up with while telling of the places she frequented in Indiana’s capital city, along with her experiences of sharing her days and nights with those closest to her. This book is intended for anyone who has ever been a child; for anyone who has made memories during their childhood. That would include just about all of us. Whether the moments we have created and recall are ones we cherish or would soon rather forget, this book might help you to revive some of those beloved memories held deep which may have been lost in time and place. You may be able to relive some of your own past that was forgotten, holding close the best of moments while overlooking, even letting go of, the worst of times. It is in the understanding and ability to empathize with not only those who came before us decades ago who had our best interests in mind and heart, but also to come to terms with ourselves and how we perceive the child we were yesterday to the adult we have become today. No matter how many lemons we have been dealt with while growing up, just take them and turn them into pitchers of lemonade. Extract the sweetness from your life by adding your own sugar to the sour. Make it palatable. That is what this author has done, showing how life ? even with all its ups and downs and sometimes wild roller coaster rides ? is still a pretty good gig. It’s not always wrapped tightly and neatly with a big beautiful bow, so it is up to each of us to make our little world what we want it to be. Continue walking along that sometimes crooked yellow brick road to find the life that has been paved just for you. An excerpt from between these covers…. I looked over at the front yard and suddenly felt like I was in a dream, experiencing a replay of a piece of my past that created smiles and tears at the same time. I was “seeing” Baby Brother, having died just four months before Daddy, running around the side of the house to the backyard, with his toy gun in hand, either chasing me or being chased by me. I heard our screams and laughter, while seeing Lil Sis and my other brother playing outside, too, with Big Sis sitting on the front porch with Mom and Dad. I felt all was well as it was before, or as any child could imagine their life to be at that innocent stage, with everyone happy and healthy in their youth with so much life to look forward to.



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