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Savannah (The "Swinging Short Stories" Anthology) (Smashwords) [電子書籍版]
Daniella Cerveny


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Daniella Cerveny describes the metamorphosis of her marriage as she and her husband embark on their swinging, sexual awakening in a series of stunning truths. Nine naughty confessions straight from Daniella’s big heart. She’s unafraid and is willing to try anything at least once. Accompany Daniella and husband Todd as they swing their way through a string of hot, searing sessions.

Savannah in the springtime. It was definitely time for a break from our daily routine. With my birthday rapidly approaching, my sweet husband offered to take me on either a cruise to St. Thomas or a road trip to Savannah, Georgia. I chose Savannah. We have stopped in and poked around Savannah on several occasions, usually just to stretch our legs on a journey to or from someplace else. The last time we visited, we vowed to make it our main destination ‘the next time.’ This was that time. We rented a sporty red muscle car for the trip. Even though this was not going to be a long vacation, we still wanted it to feel like a real vacation.
Early Saturday morning we packed up the car and hopped onto the interstate. It’s nearly a straight shot from our house, and we estimated the trip to take around five hours. Todd and I travel well together, always have. There were times of in-depth conversation; what we wanted out of life and how we were going to make those goals happen. Quiet times taking in the changing scenery, and time simply listening to the radio. It seems when you get anywhere near the Deep South; there’s a difficult choice to make in radio stationsーcountry, country or country. With that in mind, we listened to some good ’ol country music for the majority of our drive. At one point, there was a great song by Toby Keith about two sisters looking to pick up the only cowboy in the bar one night. The lyrics were hysterical. It seems the cowboy being pursued is no longer in top form and tells the sisters, “I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.” That brought out some laughter each time it repeated in the chorus. Perhaps I should give country music a listen now and then.

As our journey to Savannah continued, my husband asked me to read a story from my Kindle, which he refers to as ‘my little porn machine.’ Ninety-eight percent of what’s on there is erotica, a far cry from porn but elicits some nice effects when read quietly or aloud. I chose Thirty Strokes by Little Lance. It’s a personal favorite of mine and seemed inspiring for our romantic vacation getaway. I read the naughty tale aloud and watched Todd squirm in his driver’s seat, trying to find a comfortable position while his growing hard on strained the lightweight fabric of his pants. It was an easy read and a great tease with which to begin our adventure. By the time I finished the story, we were in downtown Savannah, navigating our way through the grid-like layout of the city. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the little historic parks dropped smack in the middle of various streets are blatant traps for tourist like us.

Revved up from the Kindle story and the promise of hotel sex, we were naked just moments after locking the door. It’s our tradition to ‘break in’ the room as soon as we arrive at any hotel. It’s also a tradition to have the amount of sex deemed the equivalent of the price of the room, assuring we get our money’s worth. Technically, this was a gray area because we received a great rate on the room through a travel website BUT then I couldn’t overlook the upgraded Todd secured with his front desk tipping maneuver. All in all, it didn’t matter; I’d give him the five star hotel sex he deserved for the duration of our vacation. I always do. Where to start? Our room had a beautiful four poster bed, a leather bench at the end and two club chairs overlooking the room. So many options!



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