The guide book of spiritual journey Part II To the real self [電子書籍版]
Satoshi Nitta



初めての方へ 楽天Koboへようこそ



【Description of item】

At the beginning

Actually, in 2000 I wrote a Japanese version of "The guide book of spiritual journey (Part I)". And more than 10 years passed.

[The guide book of spiritual journey] shall be rewritten as final stage spontaneously.

It is inevitable for me to write "The guide book of spiritual journey (Part II)" about my current idea in remembering 10 years ago.


Needless to say,

The goal of spiritual journey is to reach “real self”.

We human beings had forgotten “real self” at the dawn of civilized human society and found out “false self” since then we have believed in “false self” as self.

Discrimination/unfair/wars which are not there in the natural society were forged by “false self” in the human society.

Dual structured society of ruler and ruled, and the succession and inheritance discriminatory system which are not there in the natural society were forged by “false self” in the human society.

And as a result,

Agony, anxiety and finally fear of death which are not there in the natural society were forged by “false self” in the human society.

I shall appreciate very much if "The guide book of spiritual journey (Part II)" can help you to find “real self”.

【table of contents】

Section-1 Vital = Breath

1Evening sunset for the world/Mechanism of breath 2Musashi -A man of great power/Breathing = double edged sword 3Go getter to double clutch/Mechanism of double clutch 4The one who hurry up to the night/Pause between inhale & exhale 5Be defeated by the rain and be defeated by the wind/Dream & Reality 6I wish I went back at that time/Gap between dream & reality 7There is dream in the beginning/To become a master of dream 8To live with real intention/There is neither virtue nor evil 9Stay away so/Annoyance is always moving

Section-2 An easy life

10Yes!/Identity of hard life 11No!/Painless feeling 12Yes! No!/Enlightenment is in your hand 13Amazingencounter/Concentration on a point 14The ugliest love/Association is the root cause 15I wish if I were dead/“No self” = True love 16Blessing & Ecstasy/Head & Heart 17Love & Compassion

Section-3 Witness

18The stone/Matter-oriented & Non-matter -oriented 19Man & Woman/Love & Lust 20Pure heart/Gap between “false self” & “real self” 21A face of asleep/Method how to be free from pain 22To open the back door/Identification 23Eye of typhoon/Dianetics 24A life of ant/Empty boat

Section-4 Motion & Stillness

25 Love of universe/Stop & Stillness 26Color of heart/Look as it is 27Desperate/Meaning of desperateness

Section-5 Intelligence & Feeling

28 Love/Ex-civilized society 29True love/Intelligence & Feeling

Section-6 See & Sight

30Eyelid is the curtain of heart/Intelligence & Feeling 31Whole life for love/Insight with total feeling 32For a glance for a life/First glimpse 33Color of Paris/Look into the sky of serenity 34Old guy’s joke/Meaning to live a life 35Others happy/Relative world & Absolute world 36Which one do you prefer?/Vacant self

Section-7 ound (Feeling) to ideology (thinking)

37Chirp of worm/Sound is source of idea 38Sound of Silence/Sound of Silence 39Sound of Silence/Visible is not sighted 40Reckless run of sewer rats/Continuation is the key 41Grin!/Mankind has two kinds of life time 42Smile/Mother tongue & Foreign language 43Where & When/World of darkness & silence 44A face of awareness/Awareness animal is human being 45There will be a dream in the end/Sound of name

Section-8 Partial view to Total feeling

46 Together/A glance of total feeling 47 Turning/Sex revolution 48 Square of love/Sex is not for man 49 Gentle wind/Wind of tomorrow is blowing tomorrow 50 Storming rain/State of perfect freedom

Section-9 Come back to “Real self”

51 Who am I? /From degeneration to evolution 52 War and peace/You depend on yourself 53 ON/OFF/A glance of death 54 I & You/Uncertain chaos world in everything

Section-10 Witness of motion picture

55 I am in dream/Witness who goes beyond 56 I am in dream/Witness = The one who shut out five senses 57 A form of myself with pain/Gap between pain & blessing 58 You myself look at me/My-ego & Others-ego

Section-11 Form to formless

59 You are a river/Ocean and wave 60 Cutting clouds/You are already happy at “now & here” 61 Sky with seven colors/Formless is feeling 62 Enlightenment/Enlightenment 63 Grin! /How to go beyond duality

Section-12 Change to changeless

64 Evilness on the destiny/Change and Changeless 65 Mouth in the rough sea/ “Real subject” and “False subject”

Section-13 Real reality

66 Real bridge/Reality & Dream 67 This is so and that/Like and dislike 68 There is word in the beginning/Phony light 69 Rain cloud/Male-type & Female-type 70 Dizzy/Be aware Japanese!

Section-14 Sky = Empty

71 Real bridge/How to focus the substance 72 Courage & Coward/Courageous guy & Coward guy 73 Cutting clouds/To take back our life

Section-15 Darkness is real deal

74 Sound of Silence/ “Real self” is in the world of darkness 75 Absence of darkness/Matured darkness 76 Darkness is shy/Concentration on a point

Section-16 Surrender “false self”

77 Cremation/Identity of “false self” 78 Two aspects of one coin/Ego and money must be used 79 Who am I? /Who is “I am”? 80 Love/To live at “now & here” = To live with feeling 81 Feeling and touching/How to speak English natively?

Section-17 Jumping to freedom

82 El Condor Pasa/What do you want be free from? 83 Stone/Universal language = Language of silence 84 Do this and do that/No! This is not this is not! (Neti Neti) 85 Beginning & Ending/ “I am” into “I am existing” 86 Knowing first and doing next/Death is not the matter of future 87 Knowing first and understanding next/Internal view of world 88 Playing staring game/Jumping to freedom (1) 89 Endeavor/Jumping to freedom (2)

Section-18 There is no safety life

90 Heart Attack/The human society without foreign language 91 Feeling/Religion is disappearing soon 92 Woo! /Against the danger with courage 93 Woo! /Death is one process of circular motion

Section-19 You are unknown to yourself

94 Live until die/Man is born, lives and dies all alone 95 Sound of Silence/Silence = Blessing 96 Dream among dreams/Life is also dream 97 Human’s life is 50 years/Terminal for life is to commit suicide

Section-20 Transformation

98 You are standing remain in the same/Now get into transformation! 99 The guide book for spiritual journey/Transformation is proof to live a life 100 Endeavor/Transformation for formless 101 Devil/"Now & here" = with rapt attention 102 Award for self confidence/Root cause of discrimination/unfair/wars 103 War and peace/Image and Reality

Section-21 More others than you

104 Thing’s love/Revolutionary idea 105 Feeling and touching/ “I wish if only I were happy!” = “I wish if first others were happy!” 106 The guider for spiritual journey/Guider for spiritual journey 107 To live with real intention/Warrior & Soldier

Section-22 Philosophy of zero

108 Cutting clouds/Sky and clouds 109 Morning glow of intelligence/Live in play 110 Death of evening glow/ “Real dichotomy” & “False dichotomy” 111 Space/Science is dead! 112 Gap between darkness and light/Philosophy of zero

At the end (and at the beginning)

The second spiritual journey is ended.

This is indeed something like junior high school excursion.

There will be no memory left because of tourism yet.

The next journey will be something like high school excursion.

There will surely be memory left because of individual journey a little bit allowed to make choice in case of high school student.

The memory shall be more strengthened due to more individual journey.

It shall be complete individual journey in case of university excursion.

The freer you are the more responsibility you must have but the journey shall be more fun.

You have to face more practical journey when you become matured but it shall be more fun but more tension.

The journey shall be transformed into more practical looking forward to the future.

This is the hardest journey in life but shall be more fun by overcoming.

You will have to make such spiritual journey at least more than 7 times.

It is long journey.


Do not hurry but make as slow as you can.

Let me remind you that you are making action one by one among these 112 techniques.

Your spiritual journey shall surely be over someday.

Please be aware of the guide book of spiritual journey until then.

Satoshi Nitta

【Author: Biography of Satoshi Nitta】

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1947, after graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Engineering, he joined a major private company, active in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, and went on to write while staying in the USA.

It has been around for almost 30 years around the earth, human society should be aiming for a "peaceful society", why is there still "discrimination, absurdity, war" continuing forever ? ? ?? .

From this strong thought, as a humanities scientific book which asks the meaning that mankind exists on the earth, "philosophy book", "human studies book", "self study" based on the "mechanism of the universe" different from the past point of view Written "," I am searching for myself ".

And finished writing about 150 Japanese / English versions.

Heisei Seminar "with a friend, holding a lecture of Nitta seminar every month in Osaka from 2003, and holding monthly magazines" Miotukushi "," Heisei newspaper "and so on. For other events, 160 is published to lectures and study sessions for 5 years from May 2011 to May 5, 2016, "Heisei Seminar Division YouTube Channel", please visit.

However, in May 2016, while suffering from artery divergence during driving, accident occurred, hospitalization still continued, all activities are suspended.

Under such circumstances, we started discussing with everyone and launching it as an electronic book version.

In order to make it an E-Book, the series name is different from the category of the humanities science, but 1 "A self-search for Nitta's thesis", 2 "A self-study of Nitta's thesis", 3 "Anthropology of Nitta's theory",4 "Philosophical book of Nitta's thesis", 5"General book of Nitta's thesis", divided into five.The subtitle consists of 1 "To the real self", 2 "what is myself of illusion?", 3 "To the evolution of civilization", 4 "To the evolution of mankind", 5 "Novel", "Criticism", "Book of verse", "Essay"is set.



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