Revolutionizing Your Prayer Life God's Locker Room, #3 [電子書籍版]
Steve Biddison






For several decades, Christians have been praying for God to send a revival to our nation and move in? ways that return us to those legendary years of our forefathers.

Now in the second decade of the 21st century, many are calling on God to step into our daily world and send another revival. They want to see the signs, the miracles, the healings all over our nation that would usher in the next great revival.

I believe this time God wants His people to be doing something to prepare the way. I believe that God wants us to be the Church that He called us to be and when we begin being that Church in our world, we will start seeing revival happening.

This book?is based on a project I began working on as God was bringing me out of a spiritual depression. God brought me to the great prayer Jesus prayed in John 17 and began to show me what my prayer life should look like.

As He began to show me these things, I knew I had to share it with others.?That is when I believe God reminded me what? the Church should be doing to usher in the next move of God. It is nothing new. It’s what Jesus talked about in the Gospels. Unfortunately, if you are one who wants the big bang to happen with a great and wonderful sign that glows from the mountain tops, announcing to the world that the next great revival in our country, you are going to be disappointed. I personally do not believe that God is going to work that way this time. Instead, I believe that God’s next move is going to be bringing us back to what He originally wanted us to be. He wants His Church to be full of praying people.

This book is not simply a book about prayer? to read and put away, but it a call to action for those who want to see their prayer life transformed or revolutionized into what God wants it to be. You will get a lot out of it only if you read and put into practice the ideas presented, but I truly believe it will start revolutionizing your life (and perhaps your church) in a much larger degree, if you read it as a small group. This book can be a great small group resource for a six week study. It calls for a commitment by those in the group to change their prayer habits for at least six weeks. It’s designed with the hope that any one single church will commit to having all of their small groups work through this project at the same time. It is my belief that if each person, in each small group, of any particular church, will seriously learn to pray the way Jesus prayed in John 17, then in six weeks’ time, that church will be transformed in a way that makes all its ministries powerful.

Think, if the majority of churches in a community go through the same process, what God will do in that community. Can you imagine if every church in your community begins to pray and thus become the church God wants them to be, what would happen in that community? What about your state? Do you see where I am going? It would have the potential of seeing a move of God unparalleled in our lifetime.

However, it is not going to be something that changes our nation overnight. It is going to start with one person and one small group. If you look at the big picture, it will seem overwhelming. Just look at yourself first and then perhaps your small group. Do you want to be the kind of prayer warrior that makes a difference? Does your small group want to be everything they need to be as a small group? If your answer is yes, be prepared for an exciting six weeks of praying. We aren’t going to just talk about prayer. We are going to pray. If all you do is read about prayer or even discuss praying with your small group, it will mean nothing. Pray and watch for God’s answers. Are you ready? Then let’s not delay. It’s time to revolutionize your prayer life and then revolutionize your church, one praying person at a time.


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