Kinmel Revisited [電子書籍版]
Robert James Bridge


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Historical Fiction

Although this story is true I have used Fictional characters throughout so as not to offend or upset any living relatives.

But please allow me to take you on a journey through time,back to the year 1919 ,the year after the war to end all wars ended.We the brits were unable to supply the ships to take our allies home so camps just like Kinmel Camp were set up to house the men awaiting said ships to take them home.Infact all they wanted was to return home to love ones.The camp was situated in North Wales and housed some 20,000 men mostly from the Canadian Expeditonary Force who had fought bravely to give us the freedom we enjoy today.The camp was damp,cold and worse than the trenches they had left behind.A flu epidemic swept the camp and along with lack of pay the men rioted,almost bringing the camp to its knees.During the riot five young Canadian soldiers were killed by bayonet and bullet but nobody was ever charged with those deaths?. It was whilst my wife and I stood over the five graves with the Maple Leaf emblem on them I knew one day I would write this book in their memory.A story I hope will remind us how lucky we are,and how they had fought bravely to give us this freedom we enjoy?. The cover is of St Margerets church known fondly by the locals as the Marble Church because of its foundations, in Bodelwyddan North Wales.A place you may never had heard of,but back in 1919 it was on the cover of almost each and every Newspaper!.



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