The Absolute Cosmos To the evolution of mankind [電子書籍版]
Satoshi Nitta



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What we call "the universe" in this work is the universe that was born by a large explosion (called Big Bang) 13.7 billion years ago. I am writing about "the relation between the universe and humans" in an unprecedented viewpoint without being bound by the common sense religious consciousness and science of human society so far.

Newton discovered "the law of universal gravitation" is exactly "the law of the universe".

But what if we suppose that the "world of the universe" we thought of as "space" was actually only an image?

If there is a video universe, there must be an entity universe.

Changing from viewpoints on the relationship between video and entity, the relationship between the video universe and the real universe should be visible.

We watch a movie.

The movie we see is sound added to the animation surface (Animation) shown on the white screen.

It is exactly the same as "the universe of light and sound of exercise" we call "the universe".

The animation surface (Animation) and the sound appearing on the white screen are sent from the projection room behind the viewer, and the movie film is only turning in the projection room.

A movie film is a still picture film in which snapshots are superposed one by one, and it is a combination of audio tape to the end of the film.

When the projection film is rotated with a projector, the animation surface (Animation) appears on the white screen, and the sound tape is reproduced from the speaker, but as a viewer we see the animation surface (Animation) reflected on the white screen, Listen to the sound emitted from the speaker, empathize with the illusion that it is "reality".

It is the same as we are seeing "listening to the light and sound of the movement", which we call "the universe", and listening and empathizing with the illusion that it is "reality".

Then where is the movie projector and movie film in the projection room?

"Stationary universe" is definitely a projection room with a projector and a projection film.

Thus, the intention of this work is to discuss the "universe of stillness, darkness and silence" which is the birthplace of "the universe of light and sound of exercise" we call "the universe", like this I would like to think about "relationship between the universe and humans" from a perspective.

【table of contents】

Part I Substance space and image space

1‘Space’/2 Time/3 Force/4 Stillness and Motion/5 The Cubic (Three-dimensional) space/6 Recurrence/7 Circular Motion/8 Rewinding/9 Linearreciprocating motion/10 The Concept (of Absence)/11 Particles and Waves/12 Darkness and Light/13 Pair annihilation/14 "Only one space" or "Two spaces"/15 Light and Time and motion/16 Image ‘space’/17 Five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch)/18 Stillness and Motion (2)/19 The Law of Trinity/20 The Law of Octave/21 The World of Absolute Relativity/22 Figures/23 The World of "Interval"/24 Absolute 1 & Absolute Relative 3/25 Finite and Infinite/26 Substance and Image (feeling)/27 Cutting-Time/28 Resonance Ratio/29 The Moon/30 Real Time and Imaginary Time/31 Time Isn’t Substance But Just a Concept./32 Reality/33 Past・Present・Future/34 Horizontal World and Vertical World/35 Mistaken Space Theory/36 Life (finite) and Death (infinity)/37 Whole and Part/38 Impossible Way of Thinking/39 Law only for Human Being/40 New Mankind/41 History of Mankind at ‘Space’ Level/42 Movement of Axis/43 True History/44 Phase Transition/45 Triple States (three bodies/three phases) Change/46 Crystallized ‘Space’ and Chaotic ‘Space’/47 Fundamental ‘Space’ and Illusionary ‘Space’/48 Change of Phase = Fear of Death/49 Ultimate Phase Transition/50 Phase Transition for An Organic Life (Human Being)

Part II The law of absolute

51 "Theory" and "Law"/52 Orphan in ‘Space’: Human/53 The science and religion taken the wrong approach/54 (Grand) Unified Theory/55 Principle of Entropy Increase/56 Law in Unknown World/57 Known World and Unknown World/58 Absoluteness and Relativism/59 Science and Religion/60 Uncertainty/61 Certainty/62 Certainty and uncertainty/63 Theory of Relativity/64 Theory of Absolute Relativity/65 Uncertainty Principle/66 Certainty principle/67 The new works/68 The earth/69 The rotation and the revolution/70 The earth and the human being/71 The core of the law of absolute/72 The absolute motion and the relative motion/73 The law of static-motion/74 The view of "only one space" and "Two spaces"/75 The relative monism of utilitarianism/76 The human beings are out of control/77 The right view of "two spaces"/78 The wrong view of "only one space"/79 The right view of "only one space"/80 Turning point of the way of thinking/81 Evolution for a mankind/82 Evolution in ‘space’/83 (Relative) Figure/84 (Absolute) Figure/85 (Absolute relative) Figure/86 The way of (Absolute relative) living/87 The evolution/88 An evolving coefficient/89 The world of radix (N) and exponent (N)/90 An unique side (1) and common side (2)/91 Absolute and relative and absolute relative/92 Mathematical meaning for circular motion/93 The world of 1(n) = 1n/94 The world of 2(n)/95 The world of 2n/96 The world of n(n) = The world of nn/97 Time and space/98 Misunderstanding (self identification)/99 The world of life and the world of death/100 The world of the law of absolute

Part III The absolute theory of evolution

101 The theory of ‘space’ evolution/102 The evolution from nothingness to thingness/103 The ancestor of mankind/104 Revival of the evolution/105 Pregnancy (‘Big bang’)/106 Ramification = Evolution/107 Ramification (Evolution) of universal gravitation/108 Ramification (Evolution) of elementary particle/109 Ramification (Evolution) of atom/110 Ramification (Evolution) of molecule/111 The birth of (nebula) ‘space’/112 The birth of (fixed) star/113 The birth of (planet/satellite) the earth and moon/114 The birth of the creatures on the earth/115 The birth of the organic life on the earth/116 The appearance of the fishes in the sea/117 The appearance of the plants on the land/118 The appearance of the amphibians (land animals)/119 The appearance of the reptiles/120 The appearance of the primitive mammals/121 The appearance of the modern mammals/122 The appearance of the primates (anthropoid)/123 The appearance of the ancestor of mankind (an ape)/124 The appearance and peak of the primitive man/125 The appearance and peak of the Old Man/126 The appearance and peak of the ancestor of human being (the New Man)/127 Ramification (Evolution) of human beings’ civilization/128 The birth of common (human) society/129 The birth of beneficial (human) society/130 The peak of beneficial society = farming society/131 The birth of ancient civilization/132 The appearance of the first key age/133 The appearance of the Messiah/134 The appearance of modern society/135 The appearance of modern scientific civilization/136 The appearance of society of great war (group cannibalism)/137 The appearance of information-oriented (money-worship) society/138 The extermination crisis/139 The birth of time (motion)/140 Expansion (Evolution) and shrinking (regression)/141 The final stage of circle motion/142 ‘Space’ beyond thingness/nothingness/143 Beyond ‘space’/144 "Three spaces"/145 Nothingness/Thingness/Limit/146 The existential meaning of ‘space’/147 Audience ‘space’/148 False society of human beings/149 The world of law beyond absolute and relative/150 The law of beyond ‘space’ evolution

At the end

We human beings seem to be living in the perverse world.

The perverse world could be said image ‘space’ or motion ‘space’ or relative ‘space’.

It is nothing but perversion to think image as substance.

It is nothing but perversion to think dream as realty.

To put in another way,

It has been our human beings to make perverse evolution.

It is nothing but degeneration which is perverse evolution to think image as substance.

It is nothing but degeneration which is perverse evolution to think dream as realty.

It is nothing but degeneration which is perverse evolution for human being’s evolution.

Should we understand that our real human being’s parent is not our mother and father but only the earth, we will be able to reach the conclusion of the law of beyond ‘space’ evolution which unify the real theory of ‘space’ and evolution.

It is the proof that we come back to the mother earth when we die.

Satoshi Nitta

This book is a book of a new humanities science (philosophy) that leads the evolution of mankind based on the "mechanism of the universe" which has never been read before. The Japanese version of "(static) cosmology" is also being sold at the same time.(Editor)

【Author: Biography of Satoshi Nitta】

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1947, after graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Engineering, he joined a major private company, active in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, and went on to write while staying in the USA.

It has been around for almost 30 years around the earth, human society should be aiming for a "peaceful society", why is there still "discrimination, absurdity, war" continuing forever ? ? ?? .

From this strong thought, as a humanities scientific book which asks the meaning that mankind exists on the earth, "philosophy book", "human studies book", "self study" based on the "mechanism of the universe" different from the past point of view Written "," I am searching for myself ".

And finished writing about 150 Japanese / English versions.

Heisei Seminar "with a friend, holding a lecture of Nitta seminar every month in Osaka from 2003, and holding monthly magazines" Miotukushi "," Heisei newspaper "and so on. For other events, 160 is published to lectures and study sessions for 5 years from May 2011 to May 5, 2016, "Heisei Seminar Division YouTube Channel", please visit.

However, in May 2016, while suffering from artery divergence during driving, accident occurred, hospitalization still continued, all activities are suspended.

Under such circumstances, we started discussing with everyone and launching it as an electronic book version.

In order to make it an E-Book, the series name is different from the category of the humanities science, but 1 "A self-search for Nitta's thesis", 2 "A self-study of Nitta's thesis", 3 "Anthropology of Nitta's theory",4 "Philosophical book of Nitta's thesis", 5"General book of Nitta's thesis", divided into five.The subtitle consists of 1 "To the real self", 2 "what is myself of illusion?", 3 "To the evolution of civilization", 4 "To the evolution of mankind", 5 "Novel", "Criticism", "Book of verse", "Essay"is set.



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