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Extremely Hot Threesomes (Smashwords) [電子書籍版]
Naughty Daydreams Press


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Five FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Stories

Here are five tales of threesome sex that are sure to please. From brand new college kids just starting to discover their sexuality to sexy couples spicing up their marriages; the threesomes in this collection are scorching hot. It’s one of the most popular fantasies of all time, so click now and enjoy the fun!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various ffm ménage a trois encounters. It includes rough sex, first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, interracial sex, stranger sex, first anal sex, and more. It is intended for mature adults who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

  1. CAUTION: HOT, YOUNG BABES WORKING AHEAD (A Summer Intern Interracial FFM Ménage Sex Erotica Story) by Kate Youngblood

Candace and Jennifer have been competing with each other since junior high school, and when they both get the same summer internship position right after graduation, Candace is afraid that sparks are going to fly. She’s right, but not the kind of sparks she expects. Instead, the two end up friendly…very friendly. They’re so friendly, in fact, that Candace has her first lesbian sex experience with Jennifer, and if happens when Jennifer’s hot Black boyfriend comes over. It’s an interracial ffm ménage sex extravaganza!

  1. HIS EYES ARE ON ME! (The Curvy Girl’s Threesome Adventure) An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story by D.P. Backhaus

    My friend had always been the one who attracted men, and that was no surprise. She was skinny. I was not. She was perky. I was frumpy. She looked like some kind of a supermodel, the skin and bones kind just like all the movie stars and the sex symbols. I…well let’s just say two of her could probably fit in my body. So, when a man approached us a party and made a rude comment about wanting to see us naked, I assumed he really wanted to see her naked and was willing to just have me along for the ride. I never would have expected we’d end up in a threesome! I especially never expected that the hot guy would be more interested in my curvy body than in her little one!

  2. LOVING LAWRENCE AND LILLY (A MFF Threesome Sex Erotica Story with First Lesbian Sex) by Erika Hardwick

It’s hard being the only single girl on Lexington Lane, but when Felicia runs into the perfect MILF, Lilly, she learns that single and young doesn’t mean you have to do without hardcore sex in her neighborhood! Before long, she’s in the middle of her first lesbian sex experience, and when the cougar’s husband Lawrence shows up and catches them, it’s her first ménage a trois!

  1. SKINNY DIPPING DRIPPING (A Very Rough First Lesbian and First Anal Sex Short) by Julie Bosso

Marilee is amazed that Kendall doesn’t react with jealousy when she accidentally admits to her best friend that she’s attracted to Daryl, Kendall’s boyfriend. Instead, Kendall invites her to skinny dip at the summer camp’s lake. It’s not as rosy of a picture as Marilee thinks though, because they’ll do a lot more than just swim. Before the night is out, Marilee will endure a vicious spanking, rough first lesbian sex, and a very, very rough first anal sex experience at the hands of Daryl!

  1. THREESOME IN PARADISE (A Stranger Sex FFM Threesome Erotic Story) by Nancy Brockton

Donna and her husband Thomas are in a relaxing vacation in Aruba. Donna stares at, and eventually catches the eye of a gorgeous brunette enjoying a cocktail on the resort’s patio. Realizing she is fantasizing about another woman for the first time, Christy is amazed at the feelings awakening in her. After some more than friendly introductions, Christy gets a first lesbian experience she'll never forget in a tropical paradise, fulfilling not only her secret fantasies but her husband’s desperate desire for an ffm threesome as well.



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