Enjoy Every Moment: Increase Self-Control, Beat Self Doubt, Improve Social Skills & Live in the Moment [電子書籍版]
Dr. Michael Ericsson


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Enjoy Every Moment: Increase Self-Control, Beat Self Doubt, Improve Social Skills & Live in the Moment

If you want to Develop Self-Confidence, Stop Depression & Shyness, Be More Productive & Attract Success, then this is your book!

This book contains awesome steps and techniques on how to be happy and on how you can harness inner peace.

It will help you build a strong, optimistic view of yourself for life. This is for all of you who have problems getting along in life. You may be a victim of bullying, abuse, lack of confidence, or something even more serious. This is your book.

What You'll Learn in Enjoy Every Moment: Increase Self-Control, Beat Self Doubt, Improve Social Skills & Live in the Moment...

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

How to Start Your Day Right with Morning Routine

How to Remove Anxiety

How to Improve Your Self-Confidence

How to Improve Your Willpower

How to Become More Productive

How to Develop Useful Leadership Skills

How to Meditate and Enjoy a Greater Life

What You'll Also Discover Inside...

Set smaller goals. I don't mean that you should not reach for the stars, however, I do know that to get to the stars you have to first get into the atmosphere. Feeling good about yourself is a constant process. Confidence does not just happen overnight. When you look at your life goals consider breaking them up into smaller, stepping stones to the end result. That way you can have a constant flow of positive reinforcement as you achieve the steps along the journey of life.

Positive statements. Remember the choice-to train? I know, I can, I know, I can! Positive statements are not about being oblivious to the not so positive but is about the right framing of your reality. Ever the most unpleasant event can be stated in some form of a positive statement. These statements allow you to build a productive positive outlook on life which supports your confidence in life. Having a positive outlook on life allows you to access far more of your abilities, therefore, you are able to achieve more every day.

Take care of your health. If you feel good, you can achieve a lot. Regular exercises build physical strength, perseverance and boost stress resistance. Choose a healthy diet and sleep a lot. Breaks for rest and meditation, your personal time should be as usual in your daily routine as, for example, brushing your teeth. Enjoy the fact that you look good, and try to take everything from life. Others will look at you with interest and respect.

This book will help you learn where to start in trying to pursue your passion.

I would like to encourage you to begin the journey by looking at yourself and accepting what you see. There can never be another you so be all you can be for the time being.

The next step is to follow the given steps and start understanding yourself, your environment and the factors that will drive you to passionate success.



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