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Love Found Me (Smashwords Edition) [電子書籍版]
S. L. Gibson


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Love Found Me: Sabrin and Zaya's Story - the second book in the Mercinia Series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story because there are no cliffhanger endings and each couple have their own story. However, I would recommend you read the books in order as this would help you gather background to the Ursus shifters and Mercinia, as well as following the links through the series.

*WARNING* This book is for the reading pleasure of adults 18 years and above who will not be offended by the use of strong language and descriptions of crime and violence, sex and love.

Zaya Reid, Detective Chief Inspector of the Metro London Police Force, had been working in a job she loved for over eighteen years. Climbing up through the ranks she has seen her fair share of life and has always been able to adapt and move forward. After a breakdown in her relationship with Barry Sullivan, Chief Superintendent of the Metro London Police Force, seven years ago, Zaya turned her back on love…but not on sex. Her enjoyment of no ties, no commitments affairs help her release tension and keep her eyes on the job. Then came a case which knocked her off kilt…the suicide of Philip Oliver Junior. The realisation her theory of a serial rapist was true and the involvement of one of her team protecting the person of interest, sends Zaya on a path which will lead her out of this world and to face up to emotions she left behind over seven years ago.

On Earth he is known as Geoffrey Stratton, Solicitor, working with his father, Richard Stratton, for Stratton and Family Private Investment Banking. He is more than a man, he is an Ursus shifter and soon he will be returning to Mercinia as Sabrin, Chief Peacemaker and Ambassador for the Ursus Behanzin Clan, to fulfil his duty to clan and planet. Relaxing with his brother Max at their favourite jazz spot with less than forty-eight hours before they leave for home, he encounters Zaya Reid…his life-mate and he is not leaving her behind.

Unfortunately, Zaya is not the type of woman to just let love flow ー she is an Alpha female who is used to being in charge of her life, her team and her men. Sabrin will learn, you do not just take an Alpha female without there being a fight on your hands. Unfortunately, losing this fight could result in his death.

Sabrin and Zaya’s meeting brings about a sequence of events which will change the lives of many. Read the second book in the Mercinia Series and the road which will lead to the third and final book in the series.

Love Changes Everything: Kincaid and Brae's Story (1st Book in the Mercinia Series) - Released May 2018

Love Found Me: Sabrin's and Zaya's Story (2nd Book in the Mercinia Series) - Release June 2019

Love Rescued Me: Nico and Yvette's Story (3rd Book in the Mercinia Series) - For release 2020



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