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Threesome On Order (Smashwords) [電子書籍版]
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初めての方へ クーポン&ポイントプレゼント



A feisty wife, her doting man, and her prank that he not only meets, but also exceeds. She imagined something so wild and bizarre to tease her man that she planned ahead and changed his travel arrangements to support her challenge. She had no idea that he could possibly meet her absurd challenge. Everyone gets more than they bargained for as the games unfold.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

I took another slow sip of beer, while looking at the guy, to keep my hands occupied so I didn't knock his teeth out and the drink kept me from grinding my own teeth. It was hard to look impassively at the guy who was trying to fob his angry wife off on me for the evening, so he could go out and play with his little buddy.

He continued after my initial lack of expected response. He was trying to put me back on my heels to get me to agree to things I did not want to do. He was on his little power game, when he asked, "My buddy and I haven't seen each other for a while and are heading out. Do us a solid, and keep our wives company for the evening."

I kept the strong silent type as I obviously considered the request. I took a moment to look directly at both put out women. They were both solid shapely women. The one with brown hair a little shorter than I like but with nice big natural tits and firm legs packed into her stylish short skirt for a daring night out on the town. The other was a blue-eyed blonde, with an impatient hand on her hip, with one of those tight silky moonlight-silver three quarter length dresses that showed firm midriff past the low line a little fleshy cutout in the middle and back of her designer dress. Both wore open-toe sandal type things against the warm spring climate.

Both left my pants feeling tighter with every heartbeat as they looked me over too.

Yapping-boy continued into my ear without much notice, "Do us a solid, man. Help us out with a guy's night out! You were an army type; you gotta know what I mean!"

I was too busy undressing the proffered women with my eyes to rise to his barb, implying that as an Army guy I went out cheating on my women all the time. Treating his wife like that, no wonder she never wanted to introduce any of her girlfriends to him for some exotic play. But guys like these never considered the military as a career; it was too low for their arrogance to conscience.

I stared in the brunette's eyes, wobbling my head slightly as if considering something I did not want to do, for the viewing of the husband. My eyes drilled into this sexy piece of meat as the far corner of my lip curled up slightly so the clown could not see but his wife could. I let my mind wander to the moment I planned to free her giant tits from her top and lustily undressed her in my mind.



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