Steadfast Love [電子書籍版]
The Editors Of True Story And True Confessions


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From the Editors of True Story and True Confessions Magazines

Have you ever loved someone so much, it hurt? Would you do anything for them? Through the good times and the bad times, the women in these stories stand by their loved ones. Faced with terrible tragedies, trials, and tribulations, this collection explores how women manage to keep going when it seems the world is up against them.

In A Dying Man Broke My Heart, Noel Watson meets Gabriel Carmichael on a chance run in…literally. After accidentally bumping into one another on campus, Noel is smitten by Gabe, a teacher’s assistant on campus. Their relationship flourished, despite others’ negative attitude toward the relationship. Then, after a weekend trip together, Noel never heard from Gabe again. After countless attempts to find Gabe again, Noel eventually gives up, moving on with her life. It isn’t until a year later, Noel has a chance encounter with Gabe again! Except this time, he’s different. Can their love survive? Will Noel stand by her man?

An expectant mother has many things to worry about during her pregnancy. But, wondering if your physician is a real doctor is not one of the topics you can find in the parenting books. Here, Gloria Billings, a mother, learns she gave birth to twins, and her OBGYN sold one of the twins after giving birth. After receiving a phone call from Elliott, the twin separated from his family, how can this mother cope? Find out in My Doctor Sold My Baby.

Imagine you’ve met the man of your dreams. Now imagine you have the perfect wedding, marriage, and life. Then one day you wake up and discover your husband has a child! In Love Child, Glenna meets Maxwell, a handsome, intelligent bachelor. Their relationship develops into a hot romance. They discover their romance is more than just a fling and decide to tie the knot. Unbeknownst to Glenna, Maxwell shares a deep secret. Can Maxwell’s young son, Trevor, destroy their marriage?

Jim and Lita had a beautiful daughter, Rebecca. However like many couples, conceiving wasn’t easy. Can their devotion to each other and their faith in God bring them their perfect Easter Miracle, a baby? Rebecca’s journey into this world wasn’t easy, and it’s all Jim and Lita need to keep their faith.

In, I Want My Son Back, you meet Mitch and Victoria. They are happy together and ready to have a family together. There’s just one catch. Mitch is still dealing with his immature, vindictive ex-wife, Maureen. On one weekend, when Mitch has custody, he finds out Maureen has shipped their son, Gavin, off to her parents’ house. Unfortunately, Maureen lies about where Gavin actually is and it’s up to Mitch to get his son back!



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