The Dawn of New Age To the evolution of civilization [電子書籍版]
Satoshi Nitta



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To begin with:

The 21st century has not ever seen a sign of Japan's economic recovery.

The United States had no equal in economic power as well as politics in the 20th century.

However, there have been some signs of the U.S. powerful economy declining from the beginning of the 21st century and that affects the world itself, which is coming to be in chaos.

Some say that the current conditions of this panic don't seem so serious, compared with the Depression beginning in 1929.

We surely know that a great number of people lose their jobs and commit suicide in Japan.

Meanwhile, we can see many people buying expensive things going abroad for pleasure; we are also affluent in commodities.

To be honest, I don't think the Japanese people generally deem it to be acute.

On the contrary, we must agree that the environment of the earth has been getting worse year by year.

We also can figure out that the economic system has changed dramatically, which is now artificially controlled by the underground.

I am confident that this is caused by the decision by President Nixon of the United States in 1971which announced to the world that the US dollars could not be exchanged for gold. As a result, the gold standard was substantially abolished; the global monetary economy lost the standard of value.

In fact, the current economic situation had started at that time.

In addition, money itself was commercialized in the 80's due to dramatic developments in computer technology that made it possible to calculate tremendous figures instantly.

The money that had been used in selling and buying goods has become merchandise itself in the nature of gambling.

As gambling is inseparable from tricks, current economy holds trickery.

I'm sure that we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel unless we recognize the fact of the economy manipulated artificially.

We must change gear back to neutral position and shift into a new paradigm or concept of the economy.

The Japanese Government advocates reforming the structure of the system, however, I don't think it can be effective.

We must build a new system of the international economy with a new concept and then educate people for a long time.

The new concept of the economy needs a new concept of richness and we will have to find out real richness that doesn't mean an abundance of money.

That is why I write this book.

【table of contents】

The first part:The concept of richness=From matters to non-matters

Part 1 The previous history of Modernism

1The definition of wealth/2The idea of the stock/3The cause of a gap between rich people and poor people/4The birth of the intellect/5The starting point of the food, clothing and shelter/6The wealth of food/7The wealth of dwelling/8The wealth of clothing/9The economic paradigm

Part 2 The dawn of Modernism

10The growth of the modern industrial society/11The liberalism and the Enlightenment/12Japan of the state under the bureaucrat control system/13Break the bureaucrat control system/14The Japanese

Part 3 The summary of 20th century

15The bloody 20th century/16Japan in the 20th century/17The Meiji Era (1868〜1912) The merits and demerits of elder statesmen in the Meiji Restoration/18The Meiji Era (1868〜1912) The Sino-Japanese war and the Russo-Japanese War/19The Taisho Era (1912〜1926) Peaceful Japan/20The Taisho Era (1912〜1926) World War I/21The Showa Era (1926〜1989) The tragedy by the Western Imperialism/22The Showa Era (1926〜1989) The Great Depression/23The Showa Era (1926〜1989) World War II/24The Showa Era (1926〜1989) The Middle East War/25The Showa Era (1926〜1989) The Korean War/26The Showa Era (1926〜1989) The Actuality of The Cold War/27The Showa Era (1926〜1989) The Vietnam War/28The Heisei Era (1989〜) The Berlin Wall/29The Heisei Era (1989〜) The Gulf War/30The Heisei Era (1989〜) The Japanese after the war/31The Heisei Era (1989〜) Drug called 'Power'/32The Heisei Era (1989〜 ) Osaka's decline is Japan's decline/33The Heisei Era (1989〜) The general public and the people Ordinary people/34The Heisei Era (1989〜) Japan cannot keep up with the world /35The summary of the 20th century

Part 4 Reconstruction of our country

36Socialist-Japan/37The big businesses in Japan/38Borderless society and globalism/39The life to know sufficiency/40Japan as a country small and medium businesses support/41New Renaissance and advanced information society/42Information society/43Battle between human and computer/44From advanced information society to human rehabilitation society

Part 5 The U.S. still world leader?

45The U.S. is no winner in the Cold War/46Japan is still hierarchical society/47China's intention for future/48Future of the triangular structure: the U.S., Japan, China/49Monetary system is approaching its breakdown

Part 6 Find new value

50Value of hallowed profession/51Conscience of modern people/52Religion and faith/53Religion and education for the future/54Indirect cause of juvenile delinquency/55Respectable politician is wanted/56Break the mold of common sense at first/57The prominence of Oda Nobunaga/58The government with religion and politics by Shotokutaishi is necessary/59The Emperor system in Japan/60Avoidable uniqueness of Japan/61Greek Ryoukan: Heraclites/62The word, politician, has to be dead/63Difference between autocracy and dogma/64Human conscience and morality/65Politics and government/66Conviction and trust/67Where a ship "Nihon-maru" reaches/68Professional morals of politician and businessman/69The level of the people/70DNA of Japanese national consciousness/71Sacred profession/72Right evaluation/73Character formation in harmonious life

The newly-born age shall be opened by the real deal

Part 7 The day when money is going to disappear

74The biggest hero who has been supporting the civilized society is money/75Pax Chinoa is coming?/76Merit & demerit of money/77illusionary money/78Standard money looks sick

Part 8 The end of the civilized society

79The civilized society = the cunning society/80The big justice society/81The big trust society/82The small courteous society/83The big compassion society/The big virtue society/84The small intelligence society to the big virtue society/85The identity of the civilized society/86The trust society to be aiming after the civilized society/87The justice society/88The compassion society/89The virtue society/90The Seventeen Article Constitution by the prince Shotoku Taishi

Part 9 The vertical view of history

91Three kinds of money/92Wave of civilization = History of money

Part 10 The double imaginary world

93The world of normality & abnormality & illusion/94The modern human life is virtual (double imaginary) life/95Identity of virtual (double imaginary) life/96Real life V.S. Virtual (double imaginary) life

Part 11 The upside-down society & The right side-up society

97A life is just image/98A virtual life is double imaginary life/99The real society = Upside-down society & The virtual society = Right side-up society

Part 12 The circular motion society

100The natural society → The human society → The beyond society/101The starting point & The ending point/102The sense of value at the beyond society (The newly-born way of thinking)

Part 13 The virtual society = the circular motion society

103The circular motion society is the imaginary (the phenomenal) society /104The imaginary (The phenomenal) society = the multi-imaginary society/105The substantial society (The natural society) & the multi-imaginary society (the newly-born society = the beyond society)

Part 14 The four-dimensional circular motion society = The virtual society (The multi-imaginary society) = The society of truth

106The society of fact & The society of reality & The society of truth

Part 15 The digital money society ≡ The society of truth

107The illusionary society is beyond equal with the digital money society

Part 16 The collapse of monetary system

108The money shall be disappearing soon/109The collapse of the monetary system

Part 17 Formed money → Formless money

110The limited money & The unlimited money

Part 18 History of money

111The Informational Society was the mother of the formless money/112The money with interest & The money without interest/113The history of money = the history of the civilized society

Part 19 Concept of interest = concept of profit = concept of discrimination

114The concept of discrimination only in the human society/115The ultra-widening gap society between rich and poor is coming soon?

Part 20 Ultra-widening gap society ≡ Ultra-equality society

116Upside-down of upside-down is right side-up

Part 21 Ultra widening gap society is coming?

117Ultra upside-down society/118The most hopeful decade?

Part 22 Ultra equality society is coming? (The most hopeful decade is coming?)

119Upside-down of upside-down is right side-up/120Possibility of the hopeful decade

Part 23 Beyond civilized society is coming

121the society of monism & the society of dualism & the society of trilism/122The wrong society of dualism = the society of the relative monism of utilitarianism/123The final station of human society = The beyond civilized society

Part 24 Beyond economy society

124From predatory animal to herbivore animal is evolution? or degeneration?/125The civilized society is the farming predatory society/126The civilized society is the predatory society/127The beyond civilized society shall be the herbivore society (female-oriented society)/128The beyond economy society = The beyond civilized society = The herbivore society (female-oriented society)

Part 25 Society without nation/politics/economy

129The human civilized society is the society of dualism/130The human beyond civilized society shall be the society of trilism

Part 26 World without nation

131The concept of nation/132Nation is not substantial /133The world without nation

Part 27 World without politics

134The concept of politics/135Politics is not substantial/136The world without politics

Part 28 World without economy

137The concept of economy/138Economy is not substantial/139The world without economy

Part 29 The age for beyond individual

140The civilized society has been repeating in between “the age of individual” and “the age of organization”/141The beyond civilized society shall go beyond “the age of individual” and “the age of organization”/142Decisive difference between “Individual” and “Beyond individual”/143Real meaning of beyond “Individual” = “Beyond individual”

Part 30 Common sense/Uncommon sense to beyond common sense

144The wrong dualism/145From the right dualism to the beyond dualism

Part 31 Age of beyond

146To go beyond common sense/uncommon sense/147From imperfect intelligence to perfect intelligence/148Capability/149The human beings who have no right to become the lord of all creating/150The human beings who have right to become the lord of all creating

Part 32 Age of newly-born woman-kind

151The ignorant animal = mankind/152The imperfect intelligent animal = the human being/153The perfect intelligent animal society?/154Mankind → Human being → Womankind/155To the road of Womankind

Part 33 The Woman Society is coming!

156The normal human society is coming soon/157The female-oriented society & The woman society/158Female’s capability & Male’s capability/159Human’s capability/160The woman society is coming

Part 34 The Woman’s works

161The role of woman & The role of man/162The man society is good at repeating wars/163The man society is good at repeating discrimination/unfair/wars/164How to build the human society without discrimination/unfair/wars?/165The woman society shall be done by woman’s work

Part 35 The concept of job in the 21st century

166The common sense until the 20th century = The uncommon sense from the 21st century/167Discrimination/unfair/wars were the common sense until the 20th century/168Dual structured society of ruler and ruled with succession and inheritance discriminatory society were the common sense until the 20th century/169Common sense from the 21st century/170Core of woman job/171Concept of man’s job V.S. Concept of woman’s job

Part 36 The dawn of the Newly-born Age

172The core of the newly-born age is the woman society/173The newly-born sense of value at the newly-born age/174The newly-born idea = the idea going beyond virtue and evil =the beyond theory/175The newly-born age is the age of the real deal-oriented idea/176The newly-born age shall be opened by the real deal


Peter Ferdinand Drucker called futurist was reported to have said that,

It had been the age of organization up to the 20th century but will be the age of individual from the 21st century.

It will be possible if each of Japanese could make his capability up in order to build the newly-born intelligence on the basis of new sense of view to stand at the stage of the dawn of new age.

The key-word is “the dawn of new age”.

It was the changing from the age of individual into the age of organization when the civilized society had changed from the ancient times to the middle ages.

It was the changing from the age of organization into the age of individual when the civilized society had changed from the middle ages into the early modern period.

It was the changing from the age of individual into the age of organization when the civilized society had changed from the early modern period into the modern times.

It will be the changing from the age of organization into the age of individual when the civilized society had changed from the modern times into the new age.

This is entirely the proof that,

The changing for the age of organization up to the 20th century into the age of individual from the 21st century is nothing but the dawn of new age.

The aiming of this book is to find out the complete diametrically idea from the conventional Nitta philosophy and Nitta view of history.

as a result,

Indeed, the 21th century is likely to be a century suitable for "the beginning of a new era".

The keywords that have come to be "personal age" and "female society", and this century seems to be the beginning of the beginning of the "original human era".

Satoshi Nitta

【Author: Biography of Satoshi Nitta】

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1947, after graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Engineering, he joined a major private company, active in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, and went on to write while staying in the USA.

It has been around for almost 30 years around the earth, human society should be aiming for a "peaceful society", why is there still "discrimination, absurdity, war" continuing forever ? ? ?? .

From this strong thought, as a humanities scientific book which asks the meaning that mankind exists on the earth, "philosophy book", "human studies book", "self study" based on the "mechanism of the universe" different from the past point of view Written "," I am searching for myself ".

And finished writing about 150 Japanese / English versions.

Heisei Seminar "with a friend, holding a lecture of Nitta seminar every month in Osaka from 2003, and holding monthly magazines" Miotukushi "," Heisei newspaper "and so on. For other events, 160 is published to lectures and study sessions for 5 years from May 2011 to May 5, 2016, "Heisei Seminar Division YouTube Channel", please visit.

However, in May 2016, while suffering from artery divergence during driving, accident occurred, hospitalization still continued, all activities are suspended.

Under such circumstances, we started discussing with everyone and launching it as an electronic book version.

In order to make it an E-Book, the series name is different from the category of the humanities science, but 1 "A self-search for Nitta's thesis", 2 "A self-study of Nitta's thesis", 3 "Anthropology of Nitta's theory",4 "Philosophical book of Nitta's thesis", 5"General book of Nitta's thesis", divided into five.The subtitle consists of 1 "To the real self", 2 "what is myself of illusion?", 3 "To the evolution of civilization", 4 "To the evolution of mankind", 5 "Novel", "Criticism", "Book of verse", "Essay"is set.



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