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Mitchell Zappa Mysteries Box Set Episodes 1 - 3 - The Naked Widow, Entering Manhood & Irresistible [電子書籍版]
Olivia Morgan-Gaines





Mitchell is engrossed with his father's disappearance. Blake is obsessed with what he does to her. Fate found them together in their journey of discovery, the only certainty is the love they share. Dare she tell him what she really wants from him and risk losing him?

<h4>In the first episode we follow Mitchell on his journey into manhood and his first true meeting with Blake Morgan the woman that everyone in this smallest of cities lusts after. She only wants one man now and will do anything for him.
Join Mitch and a case load of beautiful women that are irresistible to him and come along for the ride as things soon hot up.
In episode 2, we continue to follow Mitch in his further discovery of love for his new partner. As she gives him all that is forbidden in her surreal voyeuristic journey, she helps relieve his tension as we get to know them both when the heat is turned up on the dangerous search for his father and true identity.
In episode 3, the secret is out; Mitch is officially irresistible. It's not his opinion, just a fact demonstrated by every eligible woman he comes into contact with. With more eyes focusing on his every move, he realizes his plans need to be iron-clad because being tailed by an impostor was never part of the deal.</h4>

3 Episodes 196 pages - for 18+ readers only<p>

<h3>The Mitchell Zappa Mysteries, a multi-part series - Romantic Erotic Mystery Book Series by Olivia Morgan Gaines (MZM by OMG) is about</h3>
<h3>Mitchell needed to risk losing what he know is worth saving in order to find what he is looking for. Hurry to join Michell on his twisting, turning journey of pleasure, mystery and heartache.</h3>
<h4>Mitchell is engrossed with his father's disappearance. Blake is obsessed with what he does to her. Fate found them together in their journey of discovery, the only certainty is the love they share. Dare she tell him what she really wants from him and risk losing him? This action mystery is intended for a mature audience.</h4>
There is no doubt about it that Mitchell Zappa wants to find out what happened to his father all those years ago. Despite the fact he is only 18 years old, he has been collecting pieces of this puzzle for over ten years. His age and lack of experience in certain areas of his life have held him back, but one woman rouses him. With his killer looks and determination, he knows that as well as pleasing every woman he meets, he also has to outsmart them to win. The stakes are high as he goes in pursuit of answers, but the safety and protection of his loved ones are also crucial.
Blake, the girl he has had a crush on for most of his life, throws herself at him and turns into an unexpected love interest. She becomes his greatest encourager and has as much passion for his pleasurable pursuits as he does.<p>
Over the years Blake has considered her natural beauty a burden. Although many guys have wanted her, they have been too scared to ask her out. She has fallen back into her own secret desires which help to fill the gap while she searches for her own real pleasures. Her younger sister introduces her to her favorite online writer, and Blake is more than intrigued by some home truths. She soon realizes that the writer is the only man she wants and speaks straight from the heart - a heart that has never really been open until now. The only problem is their difference in age. She follows him one night and is witness to his wilder side. She wants in. Not wanting to wait another minute to be with him, Blake dives headlong into the sides of her sexual nature that have been desperate to come out.</p>
As Mitchell’s intriguing journey picks up pace, he and Blake start to face dangers together, taking them far away from the comfort of their hometown. The motives of the other people involved in this story differ and reveal how those closest to him are intertwined in his decade-long obsession in finding his father. He takes everything that comes his way, including the choices of those around him who think they know him well. Mitchell finds out that he could be a pawn in someone else’s game. He comes face to face with a criminal organization and realizes that he doesn’t have to fight them alone. His allies are behind him and encourage him to play their bigger game. Little does Mitchell know, but he has more to offer them than he realizes. Each side in this intriguing action mystery has to test their wits against the other, and both sides are using sex as their weapon of choice.<p>


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