Is This Legal? (Smashwords Edition) [電子書籍版]
Art Davie


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On November 12, 1993, a new sport was unleashed on an unsuspecting viewing publicーone that was unlike any other, and a phenomenon that would come to redefine combat sports for a new generation. The sport was mixed martial arts (MMA)ーand the event was the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The creation of ad man and entrepreneur Art Davie… the UFC entered nearly 90,000 US households that night through pay-per-view television with an explosion as Dutch karate champion Gerard Gordeau kicked Sumo wrestler Teila Tuli in the face during the first minute of the opening fight. This shocking scene was only a prelude of what was to come that winter night in Denver, and worldwide over the next 25 years. IS THIS LEGAL? is the true story of how the UFC and the sport of MMA came into existenceーtold by the man who started it all: Art Davie.

In this vivid and fast-moving, first-person account, Davie tells the story of his creation, which has become a four-billion-dollar company. Davie’s tale is about perseverance and against-all-odds determination, as he worked for four years to see his idea come to fruition, meeting resistance at every single turn.

It is also a mash-up of martial arts, celebrity and business culture, involving a highly improbable cast of characters, ranging from Academy Award nominee John Milius, NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, action star Chuck Norris, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Godfather Rorion Gracie and pay-per-view pioneer Bob Meyrowitz.

Davie’s story of how he created the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the new sport mixed martial arts it spawned, is one for fight fans and admirers of mavericks in business and life. Whether you are a fan of MMA, or have never watched a bout in your life, you will be fascinated by Davie’s story of triumph over disaster. This became the sport of the 21st Century, which arrived with virtually no fanfare or warning. Davie started a revolution, and the revolution was televised.

Here is what has been said about IS THIS LEGAL?:

John Milius, Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter & Director of Conan the Barbarian

“This is the real inside story of how the UFC came together. Would make a great movie.”

Randy Couture, Hall-of-Fame MMA Champion & Film Star

“An honest, shocking, enthralling and nostalgic look back at the creation of the modern age of mixed martial arts in the United States. This is all the real stuff that no one gets to see or hear about when the newest combative sport of MMA was forged and Art Davie was one of its founding fathers! Thanks goes out to Art for persevering and giving all professional martial artists a place to ply our wares and test our skills.”

Kevin Kay, President, SPIKE-TV

“I thought I knew just about everything there was to know on the birth of MMA in this country. What I found out in “Is This Legal?” is that I knew barely anything… Art and Sean have masterfully crafted a fascinating and compelling must-read for anyone who prides themselves on being a combat sports fan.”


Caution: IS THIS LEGAL? is a work of non-fiction about the creation of a contact sport. It does contain some explicit language. Recommended for mature young adults.



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