NOBUNAGA Novel [電子書籍版]
Satoshi Nitta



初めての方へ 楽天Koboへようこそ



The foreword

Nobunaga Oda could be called the greatest hero in Japanese history.

He received the surprise of the betrayal by one of his vassals, Akechi Mitsuhide, at Honno-ji temple in Kyoto in 1582 and committed suicide.

However, it is evident that Japan's modernization was behind about 300 years with his death.

There is not "if" in history but I dare to say "if". If Nobunaga could have succeeded in escaping from Mitsuhide's betrayal.

If he could have survived, Japan might have been modernized more than three centuries earlier and developed earlier than the European countries.

Moreover, the worldwide tragedy of the colonial imperialism by the European and American Great Powers could be prevented by him.

Now I'll try to write a story on the hypothesis that the worldwide hero, Nobunaga survives and develop reasoning how history would change not only in the world but also in Japan.

It is a fiction but I'll use real names of the historic people because I hope you can experience an eternal romance more realistically.

I would like to write up confidently how Nobunaga could prevent historic tragedies in the lesser powers controlled by the imperialistic country more than 300 years ago and have an influence on realization of peace in the world.

Especially discrimination against black people that originated with slavery in Africa still continues to leave a dark shadow in the world.

If we focus on and understand the way Nobunaga did in his lifetime, there seems to be a lot of clues to how other discriminatory issues all over the world as well as the racial discrimination could be avoided and resolved by Nobunaga.

【table of contents】

Chapter-1 The Surprise at Honnooji Temple

Chapter-2 The dawn of the modern world

Chapter-3 The marvelous power of foresight

Chapter-4 The advance to West

Chapter-5 The Aryan

Chapter-6 The conquest of India and Persia

Chapter-7 The Japanese history by Floyce

Chapter-8 The Europe in the 16th century

Chapter-9 The Tennoh System

Chapter-10 The reinforcement of economic power

Chapter-11 The rage to the European Great Powers

Chapter-12 The Caspian Sea (The sea of Khazal)

Chapter-13 The trap

Chapter-14 Hideyoshi rejoicing

Chapter-15 Hideyoshi at ecstasy

Chapter-16 Hideyoshi at distraction

Chapter-17 The High performance of the leader

Chapter-18 The reappearance at Okehazama

Chapter-19 The victim, Ottoman Empire

Chapter-20 Constantinople, the navel of the Eurasia

Chapter-21 The burst between manic and depressive

Chapter-22 The Negro leader Yasuke

Chapter-23 The moral story

Chapter-24 The sense of Nobunaga morality

At the end

As I mentioned in the foreword, I dared to write this story on my boldness and hopeful prospect.

The historical fact is that Nobunaga encountered a betrayal at Honnooji Temple and committed suicide.

However, I can imagine how he thought, how he lived and how he saw the world as well as Japan if he could have survived.

Especially, Nobunaga’s outlook on life is truly expressed in Atsumori, "Human life is only fifty years. Walking around the earth, all the things happening seem like a dream. Everything will disappear after all."

I am sure that he must have identified his way of life but not have exposed such shameful behavior as some leaders of Japan these days, suppose that he had survived who was always conscious of the pessimism.

Therefore, I wrote it imagining how he lived for limited 10 years from his 49 years old to 59 although he died at 49.

Formerly, in Japan they said the age of 42 was the unlucky year for men as the average life span was supposed 50 years.

But the second half of our 50s is thought to be a truly unlucky year at the time when the average life expectancy is about 80 years in the present Japan.

On that point, indeed, the age of 59 is the time of a wave to be highest for the men who live in the society of hardship.

In Japan some women are ranked higher these days, so the age of 59 can be also said to be the highest generation of rising waves for women.

I am greatly honored to know that this novel will be useful for you in considering how it is possible to plow over the waves of the time of chaos when you look over Nobunaga’s way of life for 10 years.

Satoshi Nitta

【Author: Biography of Satoshi Nitta】

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1947, after graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Engineering, he joined a major private company, active in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, and went on to write while staying in the USA.

It has been around for almost 30 years around the earth, human society should be aiming for a "peaceful society", why is there still "discrimination, absurdity, war" continuing forever ? ? ?? .

From this strong thought, as a humanities scientific book which asks the meaning that mankind exists on the earth, "philosophy book", "human studies book", "self study" based on the "mechanism of the universe" different from the past point of view Written "," I am searching for myself ".

And finished writing about 150 Japanese / English versions.

Heisei Seminar "with a friend, holding a lecture of Nitta seminar every month in Osaka from 2003, and holding monthly magazines" Miotukushi "," Heisei newspaper "and so on. For other events, 160 is published to lectures and study sessions for 5 years from May 2011 to May 5, 2016, "Heisei Seminar Division YouTube Channel", please visit.

However, in May 2016, while suffering from artery divergence during driving, accident occurred, hospitalization still continued, all activities are suspended.

Under such circumstances, we started discussing with everyone and launching it as an electronic book version.

In order to make it an E-Book, the series name is different from the category of the humanities science, but 1 "A self-search for Nitta's thesis", 2 "A self-study of Nitta's thesis", 3 "Anthropology of Nitta's theory",4 "Philosophical book of Nitta's thesis", 5"General book of Nitta's thesis", divided into five.The subtitle consists of 1 "To the real self", 2 "what is myself of illusion?", 3 "To the evolution of civilization", 4 "To the evolution of mankind", 5 "Novel", "Criticism", "Book of verse", "Essay"is set.



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