Defying All Odds [電子書籍版]
Manuel Braschi


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  • 著者:   Manuel Braschi
  • 発売日:  2019年12月14日
  • 出版社:  ?Manuel Braschi
  • 商品番号:  9781393849124
  • 言語:  English


Author's Note

Against all odds, President Donald J. Trump was able to defeat every single rival for the GOP nomination, competing against the brightest minds in the political field. He was able to pull off the biggest political upset of this century and became the 45th President of The United States. He is also the only individual in U.S. history to be elected president without ever having held public office or served in the military.

The accomplishments of President Trump during the first three years at the White House have been impressive to say the least and deserve much praise. Under tremendous pressure, while being attacked from all sides, by republicans, independents and democrats, including the press, he has shown an incredible quality which very few personalities possess, which is the will to take care of business, under any circumstances, and get the job done no matter what.

While serving in office, President Trump has continuously delivered for the American people to put "America First" both at home and abroad. He has appointed an amazing number of conservative justices to our federal courts, he has provided the largest tax cuts for working American families in American history, he has combated ISIS on all fronts and is committed to secure our nation.

In addition, he has been able to accomplish a lot more but the press and most of the major broadcasting networks have not reported it because it is not in their agenda. His critics and opponents will continue to block this information out as much as they can. They will try to take him out by impeaching him because they cannot beat him with the fact that his achievements on a short period of time have been outstanding in all departments.

This book will enlighten and inform you of what this President has accomplished in the first three years of his presidency as "Commander In Chief" by giving you the facts. You cannot diminish or deny the truth. The bottom line is that facts do matter. You will learn how one man has defied the odds and has made "The United States Of America" the envy of all countries. "Defying All Odds" is an example of what one man can do under extreme pressure when he puts his mind into it and what the power of determination is regardless of your political preference.

The Information provided in this book is truthful, unbiased, factual and consistent. It is geared toward providing exact and reliable information about the accomplishments of President Donald Trump in the first three years at the White House.



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